• Students sign up for the after school program by completing the registration form on Arrow website below:  
  • If you do not currently attend an Arrow Academy school, please send inquiry to or call 979-703-8820 for further information. 
  • Tuition is $280 due monthly. Late fees apply. 
  • If you believe you may be eligible for financial aid, fill out an application and submit in in person, by fax, or by email along with the required supporting documentation to you nearest Workforce Solution career office. If you have questions on the application, call Workforce Solutions at 1-888-469-5627 or visit .  If you are already subsidized and have completed a financial aid NCI application, please contact the workforce commission to update the provider name.
  • For those who have already submitted the NCI application in the HOUSTON area, what happens now?
  • There is an anticipated wait time for applications to be reviewed. Parents can call 1-888-600-5936 to request the status of their application. For those with complete documentation, they will be notified by Workforce Solutions of approval. For those with incomplete documentation or if Workforce Solutions determines additional documentation is needed, the parent will be directly notified by Workforce Solutions via phone and email. IT IS KEY THAT THE PARENT RESPOND IMMEDIATELY OR RISK BEING DENIED FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE OR FREE TUITION FOR AFTER SCHOOL CARE.
  • Accordingly to Texas Workforce Solutions, there is potentially a 12 month wait period due to limited funds to be considered for financial aid and assistance.